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The ABC's of SMS - Digital Mail's Promise

      A. This revolutionary mail delivery system will save you 90% off traditional direct mail & production cost 
         B. Will increases customer engagement by over 900%
            C. Analytic marketing platform that provides delivered, open and click-thru data points

Milams Supermarket  Weekly Flyer
SMS Marketing Campaign
SMS - Digital Mail

Who Are We?

Digital & Print Marketing Solutions is an SMS - Smart Device Driven, Marketing Company Creating Engaging SMS Mobile Marketing Campaigns For Retail Advertisers

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By combining SMS mobile business directory and mobile marketing offers you have a lot more options. With our virtual SMS numbers, you can setup SMS keywords with autoresponders. 

All cell numbers available In our number database are double opted in and permission based


Customer Crave Specials

65% of people make shopping

decisions based on coupons.

While 94% say that's the most 

important amenity while they shop.

Special Offers Drives Decisions

3 out 4 consumers say that coupons availability affects their purchase decisions.

Increases spend

50% of small businesses in 

the US said that customers

spent more money when

coupons became available.

Smartphones Are Everywhere

Our phones are always on, always with us and we are

always connected

A printed coupon book can be transformed into a fully digital coupon app and website. With our marketing

platform, merchants have a complete toolkit to market their offers across all digital marketing channels.

Smartphones are important in our daily life and

they have an increasing influence on our shopping

habits. They are always on, always with use, always connected. The smartphone is becoming the ultimate shopping companion for smarter shoppers.

Why Mobile Marketing?

To engage with mobile consumers you have to mobilize your marketing. Mobile engagement with  mobile

business directory, coupons and mobile vouchers gives new and important opportunities for marketers!

Mobile Business Directory

Group multiple flyers, coupons, vouchers into a digital catalog, embedded in a native app and websites.

Our Mobile Directory Includes:

  • User registration (optional)

  • Payment integrations

  • Sorting by categories

  • Search functionality

  • Sort by GPS location including fullscreen Google Map integration

  • Multi-language support

  • SSL secured fully HTTPS URLs

  • Integration for website, native app, kiosk mode, and Facebook tab

  • Manage the directory coupons through an easy-to-use platform

  • Advanced customer permissions and subaccounts to give your customers access to view coupon statistics or update their own offers

Our mobile business directory is a convenient source that consumers can turn to for finding local deals and information.

It also offers use full settings for businesses. Our business directory integrates effortlessly as a webpage in mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing Offers 

Our marketing tools convert your printed offline coupon book into a fully mobile native app and website.

Brand the coupons with your logo, background image and colors.

How Does SMS Work

We create marketing offers with advanced features. Our builder creates a unique URL that links to a webpage with a mobile coupon. Our SMS integration allows you to send bulk SMS messages. Each SMS message will receive a unique coupon URL and we track the open, claim, and validation ratio.


Are you sending bulk SMS messages to your customers? An SMS message is limited to text-only,

but by combining SMS marketing with our mobile marketing platform you have a lot more options! 

Advanced Statistics

Digital coupons enable merchants and brands to collect more complete, timely, accurate information on their customers, leading to a better understanding of their customers and the potential to build a direct relationship via open and close analytics.



Florida Keys

SMS Mobile




This Phone App Was Created To To Keep Locals Living In The Florida Keys Up To Date Advising Which Merchants Are Open For Business During The Corona Virus Disaster. 

All cell numbers available In our number database are double opted in and permission based

Crazie Coupons Sevice offering

Crazie Coupons Service Offering

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All cell numbers available In our number database are double opted in and permission based