We Drive Real-World Visits With Location-Based Ads

W set your campaign goals and select from our suite of targeting tactics
Digital & Print Marketing Solutions Ad Manager - Mobile Ad Platform really works. Reach your customers based on where they are or have been to drive real visits to your stores.
Learn How Digital & Print Marketing Solutions Ad Manager Works
Where people go is the truest indicator of a purchaser's intent. Think about it, the places you visit throughout the day say a lot more about your shopping habits and who you are. 

We Help You Set Goals

Let's set your campaign goals and select from our suite of targeting tactics
  • Target by location: Reach users based on their current location and/or user visitation patterns to particular places

  • Target by audience: Reach users based on their visitation behaviors and custom audience groups

  • Target by weather: Reach users based on the weather conditions in their current location

We Upload Your Ad and Build Creatives

Easy upload and we build your ad creative. Creative features in Ad Manager include:
  • Dynamic text overlay directing the users to your nearest store location

  • Script creatives: Input a script tag from a 3rd party creative provider

  • Video: Distribute video ad creative by inputting a VAST tag from a 3rd party creative provider

  • Build landing pages the user will view after clicking an ad creative


We Create Your Budget (Bid Basis)

Identify budget at the campaign or ad group level.
  • The minimum bid starts at around $3.50 with no minimum budget.

  • We set flight dates for a campaign - start and end dates

  • We set dayparting based on the timezone of the advertised location (optional)

  • We save and launch!

We Launch Your Campaign and Measure Results

Measure in-store visits from your ad spend and analyze campaign results in real-time using our robust Ad Manager reports:
  • Summary Report

  • Store Visit Report

  • Incremental Visit Report (upcoming)

  • Time of Day/ Day of Week Visit Report

  • Audience Insights Report

  • Reporting by Product

  • Video Quartile Reporting